Different Employees; Different Personalities; Different Approaches

The office environment can offer a wide range of complex relationships between the different members of staff. And yet, very few acknowledge the importance of balancing a team accordingly to the varying personalities one can find in the office.

An excellent manager is one who recognises these different types of people in a team, which can generally be classified into six main personalities:

1. Judgers – individuals who are highly ambitious, meticulous in their work, and very organised in their approach.
2. Perceivers – the opposite of judgers, perceivers are dynamic individuals that can adapt to any situation.
3. Extraverts – clever and energetic employees that are easily seen and heard due their love of interacting with other co-workers, giving them a preference towards teamwork.
4. Introverts – Focused and reserved employees that prefer working independently.
5. Thinkers – individuals that have a strong analytical mind and enjoy diving deep into a subject to better understand it.
6. Feelers – individuals that emote passion in their work and look for ways about how they can impact the lives of other people, both inside and outside the office.

A free online personality-type assessmentis a great way of categorising the members of your team, and this can give insight to managers and CEOs about actions that they can take in order to maximise their employee’s skills and capabilities.

Judgers are best suited for project management and strategic planning type roles as they find these highly engaging. On the other hand, Perceivers would make suitable candidates for leadership roles given their high adaptability.

Balancing Extraverts and Introverts may be quite a daunting experience given the stark differences between the two, but managers can take several key steps towards achieving this. Extraverts thrive in situations that require open discussion, while Introverts should be allowed quite time to work and reflect alone.

Thinkers require more attention in an office as a manager needs to see that they are properly engaged and happy. On the other hand, Feelers are employees that require feedback about their work to develop further.

Managing the different personalities on the workplace should be regarded as a top priority for every employer, as it provides immeasurable positive impacts on the overall productivity and morale of the team.

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