Keep your mind and body healthy and focused with Ergonomic office swivel chairs.

Working in an office environment means spending a considerable amount of time at your desk. This space becomes an important aspect of your work life, so it is natural that every employee would want to make it comfortable – a sort of home away from home. Comfort at the work place isn’t simply limited to ambient temperature and good coffee, but it also involves the right equipment to keep your body and mind both healthy and focused.

Ergonomics is key

We often hear the word ‘ergonomic’ being used to describe office furniture. While the term itself might be a bit tricky to pronounce, it is important to remember that this term reflects the durability and comfort of any piece of furniture. And nothing is as pivotal to employee performance as the right office chair. Much in the same way as athletes would spend a considerable amount of time and money in choosing the right footwear, an office chair has a profound impact on how an employee feels at work.

What makes a chair Ergonomic?

An office chair is made up of a series of components, that come together to create a masterpiece of design that can impart a healthy posture and a clear mind while focusing on the task at hand.

A proper ergonomic office chair will have sound back and arm support, that ensure that the user is flexible and supported during long sedentary periods. An adjustable back gives reclining capabilities, as well as the opportunity to adjust height and depth depending on the user’s sitting position.

The choice of seat fabric is also important for good cushioning and support, as well as how breathable the material is for temperature regulation. Finally, a swivelling base with wheels gives greater mobility and flexibility to reach across areas without having to put excess strain on your spine.

The Benefits of good ergonomics are many

There are many benefits to using good ergonomic chairs. Apart from improved worker health and customizability as already discussed above, there is also the benefit of increased worker productivity. It has been proven that an ergonomic office chair reduces overall business costs in the long term, as employees are more focused and are less prone to injury.

Every office should invest in proper Ergonomic Office Chairs. The good news is that DEX offers its clients a wide range of ergonomic swivel chairs that are both affordable, as well as expertly finished.

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