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In 2017 Vitra launched the campaign ‘The original comes from Vitra’, a series of activities including an international roadshow with a focus on classic and contemporary products in collaboration with designers including the renowned Charles and Ray Eames, Verner Panton, Jean Prouve and many more.

Vivendo Group, in partnership with Vitra were pleased to organise this exhibition in Malta for just 1 day on the 18th of September. During the day, the exhibition was open to anyone who has a love for art, and in the evening, a private event was hosted for architects and designers.

The presentation ‘The original comes from Vitra’ consisted of freestanding wooden boxes that covered an area of 32 square meters, combined with textile panels and lighting to create a modular exhibition structure. Each box was dedicated to a Vitra Original, providing details on its background story, defining characteristics, function or influence.

In addition to the exhibition, a number of Vitra miniatures and Girard’s dolls were creatively displayed in a short staircase leading to nowhere. The miniatures are exactly one sixth the size of the historical originals, and are all true to the smallest details of construction, material and colour. Because of this, the miniatures become a popular collectors’ item as well as ideal decorative material.

This exclusive event was visited by a Vitra guest speaker, Mr. Mathias Remmele, a design historian, who shared his knowledge on understanding the value and beauty of original pieces of art, which was a subject greatly appreciated by the attendees. He explained how Vitra originals are a purchase for life and even for future generations. He continued to add that due to thousands of counterfeit copies, Vitra has decided to emphasise one thing that an original has, but a counterfeit clearly does not: a unique special story.

Further information on the theme of originals can be found at
For product enquires contact our local Vitra representative Alicia Cwiek at or 2278 6366.

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