Turn down the Noise

Open offices are the new hype, particularly among those who are cubical-averse. Yet, while open offices facilitate sociability and idea sharing, they present a host of challenges, primarily noise. With more collaboration comes more talking. With more talking comes more distractions, and with more distractions come drops in productivity. Not to mention increase stress and lower job satisfaction.

Phones buzzing, people chatting, loud typing are all tedious noises they make you lose your sanity, and the main culprit is lack of walls or partitions, or refractive surfaces. Fight the war on noise with some immediate, flexible solutions where no structural changes in the building are required. Keep your employees happy and ensure that productivity thrives.

Acoustic Wall Panelling.

Eco wall is a colourful and lightweight panel that allows perimeter correction to be made, while retaining usability of the walls and ceilings. The panels can be spaced out and installed individually or fixed together as a wall. The various colours and material finishes allow you to find the most suitable panel for your open space as well as in meeting rooms.

Acoustic Islands.

Innovative and aesthetically pleasing acoustic islands that have optimum sound absorption properties and reduce reverberations. They allow free air circulation and reflection of light. The islands are available in different shapes and a multitude of colours, creating unique and original spaces. Quick and easy to install, they can also be fixed in places where it is not possible to use traditional soffits.

Acoustic Soffits.

60x60cm rock wool panels having excellent acoustical properties with Class A sound absorption rating. A smooth surface that guarantees durability, and is also fire resistant. Available with visible or hidden structure, these panels are suitable for any type of environment, be it open space, reception, meeting rooms and recreational areas.

Having these simple additions can reduce drastically the amount of noise within your office.

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