Architects: MODEL Architects

When Aon decided that their Malta office was in need of updating and modernisation, so they entrusted the task to DEX. The project would involve supplying new desk furniture and chairs, installing hybrid glass and wooden partitions, as well as laying woven carpeting and fitting vinyl parquet flooring, walls and ceilings. Despite all the work required, the office renovation was completed in just 20 days.

This was a project in which DEX was able to showcase the large breadth of furnishing solutions it offers. To get the job done just right, DEX collaborated with Francesca Scicluna from MODEL Architects, and together they made sure that everything was completed to the exacting standards required by the client. Aon wanted furniture that was modular, flexible and comfortable, while looking sleek and classy. With an experienced team of people working on this project, the outcome was a high-end design that offered accessibility and molecularity for a rapidly developing business.

The most important aspect of this project was making sure that all the office space available was used to its maximum potential. One of the strategies used was to keep “most of the structural ceiling exposed and worked it into the design,” explained Francesca Scicluna. “We made use of an existing space, so the challenge is always to make the most out of the elements already there,” she added.

There was also the branding to consider, with DEX making sure that the brand colours were integral in the new design. What proved to be the most innovative part of this project was the use of vinyl parquet, not just for the floor, but also the walls and ceilings. With bold red, white, black and wooden furniture, clean lines and a fresh, modern look, Sarah Jane Vella, sales and design consultant at DEX, said, “both the client and ourselves were very satisfied with the result.”