Catald Muscat
Archbishop Seminary

“Vivendo group handled the planning and management of this project expertly. In spite of the tight deadlines and complex logistics involved, they coordinated well with other contractors and debriefed us on their progress every week.”

A project of this magnitude, which has very tight deadlines and a hard stop due to a fixed school opening date, requires careful planning and detailed project management to implement successfully. As a result, as soon as Dex was awarded the tender, we immediately met with the architect who was co-ordinating the works at the seminary – Leonard Zammit.
Through these meetings we were able to co-ordinate the colour scheme and design of the furniture to match his vision for the school, as well as being flexible on any last minute alterations.
With the strict deadlines, the logistics and planning of this project were absolutely essential. Because Dex is part of the Vivendo Group, we were able to deploy our group operations manager and group project manager on site to co-ordinate and plan with the other contractors. This is essential as furniture is the last item to go in and we rely on the electrical, plumbing, flooring and finishing being completed before our installer teams can start.
We had our group operations manager, group project manager and customer liaison on site every week to check on the progress and to keep the project on track. Our customer liaison is a vital part of the chain as we provide the client with a single point of contact to answer all their questions. The liaison then co-ordinates with all the other elements of the Vivendo Group to ensure the customer demands are not just met, but are exceeded.
We set up an unloading bay at the school and delivered over 1,000 cubic metres of furniture to the site. Our specialised unloading teams and warehousing staff were on site to facilitate the smooth delivery of all items to our installers. Deliveries commenced at the end of August and by the end of the first week in September all of the furniture required for the opening of the school was in place.

The Archbishop Seminary School in Rabat has a long history and is a large learning institution that caters for both primary and secondary students. The school underwent an expansion and requested interested parties to tender for its refurbishment. Dex, a member of the Vivendo Group, was selected.
The Seminary really liked the high quality furniture that was produced by our supplier, Camillo Sirianni. This Italian firm is a leading school furniture manufacturer with over 100 years of experience in this field and all of the Camillio Sirianni range of products conform to the leading international standards: UNI EN ISO 9001:2000, 14001:2004 , FSC and SA 8000.
Because Camillo Sirianni has a vast range of furniture we were able to allow the Seminary to customize its classrooms, colour coding them according to function and age group. This wide range of safe, functional and fun products also allowed the school to create an environment that is truly conducive to learning.
In addition to the school classroom furniture and labs, we also supplied the furniture for the administration block, staff rooms and the dormitory. Dex also supplied the main stage and the seating in the main hall. All of the products we supplied came with a five year guarantee as a testament to their ruggedness.
The lockers in the school were unique in that, instead of being supplied in the all familiar and bland metal, they are made of high pressure laminate that comes in a wide variety of finishes and thus allowed the school to retain its unique look throughout. The laminate is extremely hard wearing, it conforms to all European standards, is 100% waterproof and is also pest repellent. This material is so strong and resistant to wear and tear that it comes with a 10 year guarantee.

The project was a fantastic learning experience. Our key personnel visited Camillo Sirianni’s manufacturing facilities twice in order to have detailed technical knowledge on the products being installed. In addition, the manufacturer, as one of the best international suppliers of school furniture, was very flexible and provided detailed advice and suggestions on the project which we were able to pass on to the client.
Or team co-ordinated and planned items down to the last detail, maintaining constant communication throughout to ensure our client remained hassle free.
While there were inevitable changes to the initial project due to developments and changes, as well as variations in the deadlines set by other contractors, we were able to keep this project firmly on track. Because we were able to deploy the strength of our Group, we were able to meet and exceed all of the client’s expectations to deliver a school that really offers its children a fantastic place to learn.