DEX Workspaces has recently furnished Casumo’s new offices. The project took around 12 weeks from planning to completion, and involved various works carried out on the office ceilings and floors to improve sound absorption and give the offices a vibrant, modern look.

Casumo is an award-winning online gaming company that offers players a unique brand of casino entertainment set in a colourful fantasy world. Accordingly, when the company started planning the design of its new offices, it chose a bold and bright aesthetic that reflected its product.

When Casumo approached DEX Workspaces to handle this project, it presented a detailed list of requirements which included: a bright yellow monoacoustic soffit made of sound-absorbing Rockwool material, hanging baffles built in a contemporary style, and noise-reducing floor carpet tiles with a multi-coloured pattern design.

Despite the short lead time, DEX was able to negotiate rapid delivery of all the furnishings required, as well as purchase a special spray machine to apply yellow paint to Rockwool and a scaffolding platform to fix the monoacoustic soffit more easily to the high ceiling. The installation process took only about 5 weeks to be completed.