Timothy Grech
Charles Grech

“Vivendo Group brought flexibility and reliability to this project by delivering the final result within the required six-week completion period and ensuring smooth collaboration between local and foreign suppliers involved as a single unit.”

Charles Grech, a leading alcohol and cigar importer with a long history of business in Malta, sought quotations from us for tables and chairs for their new café in Republic Street, Valletta. Following a meeting with us, where we explained in detail the services we could offer, Charles Grech decided to expand the scope of the project and asked us to handle the turnkey renovation of their café.

Because of the scope of this project we contracted a well known Italian designer, Marco Fumagalli, who proceeded to lay out the full design of the café. We then discussed many aspects of the renovation with the client, who wanted an overall classical feel to the project.

This project required a six week completion period, and involved the co-ordination of a wide variety of suppliers to have everything ready in that timeframe.

We selected a specialist Italian carpentry firm that was recommended by Marco to make the bar, shelving and benches. FB Bornogovo, the firm chosen, matched the specifications required exactly and brought Marco’s vision to life.

The upholstery of the furniture, bar, benches and chairs all had to be custom made to match the designs. Pentaform has almost two decades of experience in the upholstery trade and specializes in high quality materials and bespoke items. They were able to ensure all the fabrics used were in line with Marco’s design, while still maintaining adherence to strict deadlines.

The chairs for the café were supplied by Calligaris Group which has been involved in home design since 1923. They offer a vast range of seating and are comfortable with custom projects, ensuring they could match Marco’s designs perfectly.

We also brought in numerous local contractors to work on the project. Items such as marble for the bar area and gypsum work were all supplied by local firms, with Dex acting as the overseeing contractor. We also leveraged the strength of the Vivendo Group, sourcing items such as fridges and lights from our sister company, Ideacasa.
Marco was also heavily involved in the project and spent time in Malta to oversee much of the installation work and to assist with the smooth running of the project. There was a great deal of co-ordination to be done and, given the six week deadline, this project required considerable precision in the planning and execution of the works.

Our team of installers, our project manager, Marco, as well as the local architect functioned as a single team to complete this project on time. This was a very unique project for Dex, wherein instead of merely acting as a furniture supplier, we acted as a full turnkey contractor. Today, the finished project stands as a proud example of the flexibility and reliability that Dex brings to each project.