A corporate wellness programme
that boosts office productivity.

From ergonomics to economics – this is how comfort makes modern workspaces go.

Business is not just about your product, marketing strategy, and annual profit. To be truly successful you need to look after your number one asset – your people.

By offering comfortable and practical workstations you can create a positive, office environment that attracts and keeps top talent in your business. Measures Side such as proper lighting and ensuring that noise is reduced using acoustic panelling Image are just some ways you can achieve this.

Modern organisations need flexible furniture that adapts to the needs of the office, desks and cabinets with wheels, stackable chairs, movable partitions, and raised flooring for easy cable management.

Good workstation design may be better for your health than a diet!

Working in an office often means sitting down for long periods. At any given moment, up to 70% of employees may be suffering from bad backs, stiff necks and joints, headaches, and other health issues related to the quality of their workspace.

In the long run, it is your interest to take into consideration the effects this will have on productivity and take measures to encourage healthier habits at work. This can be as simple as installing a height-adjustable desk with an ergonomic swivel chair. This kind of setup gives employees greater flexibility to move around, while adapting to their height and posture to minimise physical strain.

By making the most of positive physical environmental factors through ergonomic workspace furniture, businesses can improve their employee’s well-being at work, and boost productivity and satisfaction as a result.

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Corporate Wellness Entry Package includes
· Height-adjustable desk · Ergonomic swivel chair
+ Add a TechnoGym Wellness ball for €220

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DEX Workspaces in collaboration with TechnoGym is offering companies around Malta the opportunity to set up a 20m2 fitness area including flooring in their workspace starting from just €599 a month. Complete it with showers and changing rooms for a small additional charge.

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