Mother was right. Sitting up straight is great advice, but when was the last time someone complimented you on your impeccable posture at work?

A quick look around the office and you’ll spot at least one person whose neck and spine are bent into that dreadful vulture-headed, slouching position that millions of desk-bound workers assume every day. In fact, that one person could easily be you.


Cheerio, Sloucho Marx

You know that slouching is directly responsible for backaches, shoulder pain and neck problems. But did you know squeezing and twisting your body into unnatural positions can also affect your breathing, circulatory and digestive systems?

When your body is twisted like a coil, your muscles are tense and compressed, which places tremendous pressure on your lungs, heart, and stomach, resulting in shortness of breath, fatigue, and tummy aches.
If only you paid more attention to mom’s advice… Luckily, there are a few quick adjustments you can make right now to improve your posture and release built-up tension:

  1. Keep upper back straight; shoulders relaxed at your sides
  2. Relax arms at the sides, with upper and lower arms at a 90° angle; wrist and fingers straight
  3. Push your hips as far back of the chair as possible
  4. Maintain lower legs at a 90°–110° angle to thighs
  5. Rest your feet flat on the ground


Get a better office chair that naturally helps you do all of the above without constantly having to remind yourself.


Your old office chair is eating up your productivity vibe

Yes, Hannibal Lec-Chair is cannibalising your health and productivity every time you slump down into its uncomfortable grip.
A poorly designed chair leads to sprains and injuries due to bad posture, which not only saps away at your health one workday at a time, it also costs your organisation lost time at work and lower productivity.

A good office chair, on the other hand, will effortlessly help you assume a healthier posture thanks to:

  • Back and arm support. Proper lower back support is vital to preventing back strain, which may eventually worsen to sciatica and debilitating chronic pain.
  • Adjustability. The ability to recline, change chair height and seat depth enables to find an optimum position so you don’t have to strain to read off a screen or reach your keyboard.
  • Fabric. Breathable fabric prevents the chair from heating up due to body and room temperature, while good cushioning avoids soreness after long periods of sedentary work.
  • Mobility. Wheels and a swivelling base let you easily reach across a desk to retrieve items without having to hunch over or stretch needlessly.

Choose from a range of practical and luxury ergonomic chairs

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