Sean LeGault

“Vivendo Group furnished our school to the highest standards possible, with customised products that created an integrated and multi-functional working environment. This enabled us to improve productivity and bring added value to the experience we offer our students.”

The school has been furnished to high standards, with the innovative help of Italian architect Marco Fumagalli, bringing a bright and spacious environment to keep the modern, easy going feel. Customized wallpapers and furniture was used to create this effect. The use of Kristal partitions was used from the supplier Arcadia by combining the modern characteristics of Kristal with the elegance of Wall which brought about an added value to communicate professionalism and perfection.

Another supplier who worked towards an integrative environment is Bene a name that stands for future-based office solutions. A brand associated with top quality and functionality, modern design and innovative technology.

 ESE is a leading school for quality General English and Business English to students of all ages from all over the world since 1996. DEX was once again chosen to refurbish their new premises after the successful project a few years back. The new project included the redesigning of the reception, leisure and welfare area into a design which inspired students towards a learning community.

The client chose the Bene PARCS product, this is a product line with architectural quality that consists of several elements  that collectively enables and creates a multifunctional working environment by enhacing productivity such as meeting and presenting. This type of product worked well with the leisure colours as well as maintaining and concentrating on techniques and behaviour of a work environment by enhancing communication through the layout.

Dex was also entrusted to supply the flooring. Chosen as a feature to match and extend the ESE offices Dex supplied decking for the lounge and cafe’ area. This is a new product for DEX which has been taken on board, it satisfies clients requirements as it is a very durable product while remaining efficient to install and dismantle.