Architects: Parallel Architects

DEX Workspaces delivered this project through the efforts of Alicia Cwiek, our in-house customised solutions specialist, who worked alongside Darren Zahra, who is in charge of the standard furniture installation to cater to the client’s needs. Edward Coppini and Elisa Fedeli of Parallel Architects worked hand in hand with DEX Workspaces to complete the design for the space. After 3 months of preliminary design, and another 3 months for implementation on site, the project was completed.

Working together with Parallel Architects, the details and technical specifications were identified and furniture designs were drawn up. The criteria were also defined: functionality, easy maintenance, durability, and flexibility, and Darren and Alicia liaised with suppliers to deliver the furniture required, such as TV units, lockers, flooring and much more. Specific materials were also selected, as well as colours in order to complete the client’s vision and fit with Melar Operation’s branding.

“The most important criteria for Melar Operations was the colour matching… and the design,” said Darren Zahra, when asked about the project.

“The space was designed to break away from the rigid corporate look. A palette of solid colours and light wood textures makes users feel welcome and at ease,” said the team at Parallel Architects.

Although there were challenges, such as designing “furniture which fits exactly in the dedicated space,” said Alicia Cwiek, the challenges were overcome. DEX Workspaces, together with Parallel Architects, sought to improve various aspects, such acoustics, lighting, and flexibility, tying in with the client’s needs, and with careful planning and collaboration, this was achieved.