Norman Mifsud
MSV Life

“Vivendo Group did a remarkable job in delivering new offices that clearly reflect the look
and feel of our brand. Their technical department gave us a lot of input throughout the process, and ensured that all our requirements were met precisely.”

Arcadia is part of the Penta Group and manufactures high quality furniture and partitions in a wide range of materials to give a huge choice in finishes and designs. Arcadia’s partitions provide excellent wall solutions and are movable. Thus, they can be designed to be rolling or folding, or even sound proofed as required. Their furniture offers the same flexibility and can blend seamlessly with whatever design you choose for your space.
Quinti has over 30 years experience in the manufacture of chairs and can accept completely custom orders to accommodate very specific requirements. Renowned for their innovative designs and passion for excellence, Quinti also offer superb quality in line with their ISO 9001:200 certification.
Once again our suppliers offered detailed technical support and advice on all of the client’s requirements. We were able to blend wood, metal, coloured and frosted glass together perfectly to match the designer’s unique vision for the customer service area partitions. The finished product stands as a testimony to our ability to meet the most complex requirements and deliver.
Similarly, the seating in the new offices blended with the furniture and partitions. Every single element here, from the stitching colour to the wheel design, was planned and harmonised with the rest of the offices. We were very proud to deliver exactly what the client wanted, with all the chairs being ergonomic, meeting ISO standards and also having a five year guarantee.

MSV Life is one of Malta’s largest life insurance providers, having almost 20 years of experience in this field. The company underwent a full rebranding process and wanted its offices to reflect its new corporate image.
The Vivendo Group was approached by the interior designer Neil Busuttil RHI DIPL (DIST) working on the project. He had a clear vision on what he wanted and how he wanted to communicate the new MSV Life identity – and we were ready to help him translate his designs in to furniture!
The initial discussion which laid out what our suppliers could deliver subsequently stimulated a new creative process. The project was modified further, but we knew that we could match whatever the client needed .
This project required great flexibility and unique designs and so we chose Arcadia to supply the furniture and partitions, while Quinti would provide the seating.

There was a great deal of input from our technical departments in order to ensure that all of the specifications were correct. However, this project was also turned around on tight deadlines. The Vinendo group operations manager and group project manager were deployed to co-ordinate the project and ensured that all elements, from the ordering of the furniture to the installation of the final screw, flowed smoothly. This enabled us to blend our specific tasks with the other contractors and suppliers working on the project to deliver completion within the requested time frames.
The end result was a remarkable, unique and beautiful office for MSV Life. Their new brand is embedded and clearly reflected in the look and feel of their offices and we feel very proud to have been a part of this.