Tonio Micallef
Philip Toledo

“We chose the ergonomic designer furniture supplied by Vivendo to provide top comfort to our employees, as well as to have a functional and stylish office space that fosters
team spirit while offering plenty of areas suitable for private work.”

Philip Toledo focused on restructuring the whole workforce ambient by keeping an open plan, by using glass partitions throughout and sectorizing the different departments by placing the partitions in such a way to keep tan open space ambience while still emphasizing private meeting rooms and change in department. Due to the various technical spaces in todays offices we contracted a well know Italian architect, Marco Fumagalli. The choice of seating colours through out was bright and lively as the rest of the office was kept to classical modern structure and furniture. The sofitts are individual panels that greatly facilitate the assembly of the product.

Established in 1946, Philip Toledo Limited is one of the leading IT and security solution providers in Malta today.  We take pride in having been chosen to quote and create a new workspace for this innovative company running for best technology advancements and ergonomic structure.

For over 30 years, Philip Toledo Limited has furnished leading software, hardware and procurement services to the hospitality industry.

Our client wanted to focus on the comfort and wellbeing of its emplooyes and for these reasons we chose to supply the designer chairs provided by Vitra which were placed in all the offices to provide the best comfort for their employees. Apart from Vitra provider which is a top brand designer in chairs, function and design, the client opted for Vista also from a well known supplier Aran which focuses completly on office furniture and comfort to bring harmony. In fact the Vista desks provided are melamine structure with central seperators, to keep team work spirit but yet private space both confingured in the style.