EY is a reputable worldwide leader in the provision of tax, assurance, transaction, and advisory services. With a global presence in 152 countries and over 210,000 employees, this brand is constantly growing – including its operation base in Malta.

EY Malta recent expanded their offices, and engaged DEX to furnish two floor, including turnkey services and installation of acoustics and glass partitions. The entire project included numerous different spaces, such as meeting and training areas, lounges, and different types of offices.

The experts from our side at DEX included our two sales consultant Sarah Jane Vella and Darren Zahra, each of which was tasked with key parts of the project.

Sarah Jane was working closely with the client’s architect, Janice Fiorentino at XYZ Architects to source all the required furniture items, such as operational workstations, ergonomic swivel chairs, foldable tables and conference chairs. EY Malta had already worked with our Vitra brand in the past, so this was a natural choice for them. All items were ordered in December and delivered in May as agreed with the client.

Darren was tasked with supplying glass partitions, rolling wall partitions, mono-acoustic soffits, soffit tiles with hidden structures, and wall panels. The most important criteria for all these products were sound absorption and insulation, so VertiQ was the first choice for this project. Darren’s work was not always plain sailing, as the chosen items had to be adapted to the changing dynamic and purpose of the spaces, which could easily shift from small office to large conference rooms.

Overall, the project at EY was successful in terms of planning and delivery of all required materials by the established deadline. The main challenge encountered by our team was to deliver individual products in a timely manner so that our work flowed with that of other service providers engaged by the client.

There were also other logistic and structural issues that required our team to think creatively and quickly in order to overcome. Such challenges made the project even more interesting, and our team was very satisfied to still meet the deadline in an efficient way.

Josef Cassar, facilities executive at EY Malta, described the entire experience of working with our DEX team as “a great and straightforward one”. The type of services provided by EY Malta require an office environment that is welcoming to both clients and employees. As such, we are proud that EY Malta is fully satisfied with our finished product.