DEX Workspaces installed office furniture for Mansa Gaming, an online casino operator based in Malta. Dex turned the Mansa Gaming offices into a comfortable working environment by installing new desks, cable management systems, and chairs. This also included the installation of adjustable desk workspaces which increased comfort and flexibility for their workers.

Mansa Gaming wanted a workspace that was modern, comfortable, yet simple. Their priority for this project was that their workers feel comfortable spending hours day to day in this space, whilst also making it a stylish and visually-attractive place to be in. Darren Zahra, sales consultant at Dex, explained that the project was overall “plain and simple since the client was well aware of what they needed.”

Dex workspaces managed to fully furnish Mansa Gaming’s offices within just a week. As Darren Zahra commented, the only challenge in this project was to deliver and install all the desks within the short time frame, because the client needed them urgently. Andrea Csosz, office coordinator at Mansa Gaming, had nothing but praise about Dex, saying the team was “very fast, reliable and clean. We cannot complain at all!”