DEX Workspaces was responsible for revamping the offices of Times of Malta and installing new furniture designed to create a cleaner, more professional-looking space. The project involved the installation of 96 desks, including new cable management and electrifications. Practicality was key here, so the desktops were also installed with flaps for better access to cables and other outlets – and the latter were also wired to connect to a UPS system.

When the time came to pick the suppliers for their office furniture in Mrieħel, the client obtained three quotes from different vendors, including DEX Workspaces. DEX stood out from the rest and was chosen due to having the best value for money – and the client hasn’t looked back since. DEX have proven to be helpful and professional, and the experience was overall positive.

The project was an undeniable success, but not without its challenges. “The time frame was tricky,” James Busuttil, Sales Consultant at DEX Workspaces, said. “But in the end, we just had to perform the delivery as soon as client advised us as to when they were ready for installation.” Matthew Naudi, the Chief HR Officer at Allied Newspapers, said they were very satisfied with the result. “I think we managed to create what we set out to achieve in the first place,” he said. The result is “a clutter-free, neat, practical and welcoming environment for employees.”