Vivendo Group embarked upon a project to adapt a warehouse basement space into a fully-equipped and functional office for its own employees. This meant coming up with creative solutions and installations which would reflect ergonomics, functionality, and flexibility – three important aspects reflecting the philosophy of the company itself. The installations were aimed to achieve a highly functional space, with details such as raised flooring, a fresh air ventilation system, acoustic soffits, and lighting.

The top criteria for the project was functionality, design, and value. For this reason, the team opted for a designer finish, which included modern industrial-style shelving, wire metal chairs, and comfortable ergonomic chairs. Interior designer Alicia Cwiek and visual merchandising executive Mark Cassar collaborated on the planning of this project, which had to accommodate the everyday needs of all the different teams – from creative to management, to marketing – working within Vivendo Group. “The whole project was a challenge because the space we have worked with wasn’t used for a long time,” a Vivendo representative said. “It was literally just a warehouse space.”

In fact, the team had to contend with variable floor levels which needed to be brought to one level using raised flooring system. “The budget was challenging – but also inspiring. We had to find creative solutions and designer pieces in good price,” they said. “I think we created a space no one could imagine seeing the warehouse the way it was before, and now we’re proud of working here.”