Ray Muscat
CSO, Toly Products

“Despite the sheer size of the project, Vivendo Group successfully delivered and installed the furnishings required well within the stipulated timeframe. This was made possible thanks to the close collaboration between us and their team of professionals, who provided us with a vast range of options without sacrificing cost-effectiveness.”

DEX Workspaces entrusted to furnish new Management Block for Toly Malta.
With over 400 people employed on a fully integrated 3-shift basis, Toly Malta offers a state-of-the-art facility for the production of high quality packaging for many prestigious brands within the international beauty industry.

Black, white, red and grey tones, synonymous to Toly’s brand colours, were selected for communal areas such as the staff canteen and other general meeting areas that included various leather seating and sofas. Timeless white and walnut finishes were preferred for office and boardroom furniture, offering a sense of contemporary elegance which the team of professionals felt best reflected Toly Malta’s image and which DEX were able to fullfil to detail.

DEX’s partners of choices for this particular project included NEWFORM UFFICIO by AranWorld, which supplied custom office furniture, Quinti Sedute srl for office seating, as well as Austrian undisputed market leader in office furniture, Bene AG for the reception area seating.

As part of a recent expansion to their Bulebel facilities, Toly have entrusted DEX Workspaces with the entire refurbishment of two thousand square meter floors that form part of the new management block, situated adjacent to the existing Toly building.

Working closely with the team of architects and designers selected by Toly Malta, namely QP Management and Carlo Schembri Design Studio, DEX was able to offer a range of both customised, as well as standard industrial office furniture and seating in order to best bring to life the team’s vision, whilst including cost-effective solutions in the vast options provided. Dex also provided the metal shelving and archiving on the premises.

Despite the magnitude of the office block in itself, the project was successfully completed within the stipulated time frame, including the delivery and installation of customised desks amongst others. This was only possible through close collaboration between the Dex-appointed team coordinated by a highly-experienced Project Manager.

The completion of this project marks yet another successful accomplishment for DEX Workspaces, Vivendo Group’s specialised commercial furnishing company. In the past, DEX have also been involved in several other commercial projects including the refurbishment of Bettson, Lufthansa, PTL and the APS Head office amongst others, adding further testimony to their efficiency in the refurbishment of corporate and commercial buildings.